X-COM, Laser Squad and Chaos with Julian Gollop – The Retro Hour EP54

Plus, is the Nintendo Switch interesting for retro gamers?

Carmageddon & Lawnmower Man with Fergus McNeill – The Retro Hour EP53

Plus our tribute to Micro Mart Magazine with Sven Harvey

Team 17 The Inside Story with Martyn Brown – The Retro Hour EP52

Plus our review of the long awaited Viva Amiga movie

Win a Signed Copy of The Oliver Twins Book

The Story of the Oliver Twins: Let’s Go Dizzy

Ravi’s Boxing Day Bangers Mix [Download or steam]

We could not leave you over the holiday season without something to party to! if you want to Download the MP3 go to the soundcloud page and click download¬† Here is a mix I did live on facebook during boxing day. ¬†Using just Amiga’s and a mixer!

Video Game and Computer Christmas Super Quiz – The Retro Hour EP51

It’s Retro Gamer Magazine VS The Retro Hour Podcast in our Christmas super quiz!

Let’s Play Retro Games at Christmas

It’s the Retro Hour Christmas party!

The Father of The British Videogames Industry, Mel Croucher – The Retro Hour EP50

We celebrate episode 50 with the legendary Mel Croucher

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We show the Dreamcast some love this week

Core Design & Gremlin Graphics With Simon Phipps – The Retro Hour EP48

Your weekly retro gaming and technology podcast