Coleco The Rise & Fall, and ID Software From the Inside with Jennell Jaquays – The Retro Hour EP29


The rise of fall of Coleco and the inside story of ID Software

Inside Bullfrog and Bitmaps with John Kershaw – The Retro Hour EP28


We get the inside story on Bullfrog, Graftgold, Bitmaps and EA with legendary game graphic artist John Kershaw!

The Retro Hour – Episode 27 (Chris Huelsbeck Interview)


We chat to legendary C64 and Amiga musician, Chris Huelsbeck

The Retro Hour – Episode 26 (Space Invaders to 3DOs With Rebecca Heineman)


We talk the early BBS hacking scene, the failure of 3DO and lots more with the co-founder of Interplay, Rebecca Heineman!

The Retro Hour – Episode 25 (The Invention of M.U.Ds with Richard Bartle)


We speak to gaming pioneer Richard Bartle who co-invtended the first M.U.D game in the 70s, which lead to the rise of MMOs! How did it all start, and why would he close down World of Warcraft?

The Retro Hour – Episode 24 (Seaside Arcades and C64s with Sam Dyer)


We reminisce about seaside Arcade memories, the Commodore 64 and Amiga games with the author of the Visual Compendium books, Sam Dyer!

The Retro Hour – Episode 23 (Lotus 2 and Top Gear with Barry Leitch)


How did the theme music to Lotus 2 on the Amiga come in a dream, and why is Top Gear on the SNES the biggest thing in Brazil? We chat to Barry Leitch this week!

The Retro Hour – Episode 22 (Dizzy & Codemasters with The Oliver Twins)


We get the inside story on Dizzy with the legendary Oliver Twins! How did they avoid using the Spectrum keyboard, and have they found a new Dizzy game?!

The Retro Hour – Episode 21 (Amiga Demo Scene Memories With H0ffman)


We talk demo party memories, diskmags, BBS, Protracker and the early 90’s Amiga scene with long-time scener H0ffman!

The Retro Hour – Episode 20 (Commodore-Amiga UK With David Pleasance)


We get the inside story on the rise and fall of Commodore and Amiga from former UK Managing Director, David Pleasance!