Core Design & Gremlin Graphics With Simon Phipps – The Retro Hour EP48


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Graftgold: The Inside Story With Steve Turner – The Retro Hour EP47


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Computer Chronicles host Stewart Cheifet – The Retro Hour EP46


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TFX, Robocop 3 and Epic with Paul Hollywood – The Retro Hour EP45


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Kim Justice From Retro Gamer Magazine and Youtube – The Retro Hour EP44


We chat to Kim Justice this week, talking arcade memories, writing for Retro Gamer and documenting British gaming history on Youtube.

Raffaele Cecco Talks CRASH Mag, Cybernoid and Exolon – The Retro Hour EP43


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Hewson Consultants and 21st Century Entertainment with Rob Hewson – The Retro Hour EP 42


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From Bedrooms To Billions: The Playstation Revolution – The Retro Hour EP41


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The Amiga’s Past and Future With Trevor Dickinson – The Retro Hour EP40


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Ultima and Origin Systems with Lord British – The Retro Hour EP39


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