Sinclair Spectrum in 2016 and Amiga Vampire Updates – The Retro Hour EP34


Jonathan Cauldwell talks about the Speccy scene today, and some HUGE Vampire Amiga news

Clint from Lazy Game Reviews Joins Us – The Retro Hour EP33


DOS gaming, system collecting, Youtube for a living and more with Clint from Lazy Game Reviews

Lucasfilm Games The Inside Story – The Retro Hour EP32


Playing games with George Lucas, Steven Spielberg’s hacked arcade machines and more

Cinemaware and Amiga Art With Jim Sachs – The Retro Hour EP31


Early Amiga days, Defender of the Crown, CDTV and more

Loom, 7th Guest and Wing Commander With George “Fat Man” Sanger – The Retro Hour EP30


We chat Loom, 7th Guest, Wing Commander with legendary game composer George “The Fat Man” Sanger

Coleco The Rise & Fall, and ID Software From the Inside with Jennell Jaquays – The Retro Hour EP29


The rise of fall of Coleco and the inside story of ID Software

Inside Bullfrog and Bitmaps with John Kershaw – The Retro Hour EP28


We get the inside story on Bullfrog, Graftgold, Bitmaps and EA with legendary game graphic artist John Kershaw!

The Retro Hour – Episode 27 (Chris Huelsbeck Interview)


We chat to legendary C64 and Amiga musician, Chris Huelsbeck

The Retro Hour – Episode 26 (Space Invaders to 3DOs With Rebecca Heineman)


We talk the early BBS hacking scene, the failure of 3DO and lots more with the co-founder of Interplay, Rebecca Heineman!

The Retro Hour – Episode 25 (The Invention of M.U.Ds with Richard Bartle)


We speak to gaming pioneer Richard Bartle who co-invtended the first M.U.D game in the 70s, which lead to the rise of MMOs! How did it all start, and why would he close down World of Warcraft?