The Retro Hour – Episode 20 (Commodore-Amiga UK With David Pleasance)


We get the inside story on the rise and fall of Commodore and Amiga from former UK Managing Director, David Pleasance!

WORLD’S BEST PODCAST OF 2016 – nominations


Listeners! We need your vote! We have entered the nominations for World Best Podcast of 2016 hosted by New Media Europe….

The Retro Hour – Episode 19 (GoldenEye 64 and Rare with David Doak)


The inside story on GoldenEye 64, Timesplitters, Free Radical and Rare!

Sega’s Former CEO Tom Kalinske: The Retro Hour Podcast – Ep 18


Listen to this week’s show

Console Wars Info!


The Retro Hour Podcast bringing you info on the new documentary and feature film with Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. Straight from the former CEO of Sega Tom Kalinske. All in this weeks episode!…

RSS Feed Problems


We would like to apologize to our amazing listeners. Some of you have not been able to receive this weeks episode on your devices or iTunes. This is due to our paid host SoundCloud breaking all their RRS feeds for 2 days now! It seems all podcasts are down check Tom Merritt’s Status We hope they can…

The Retro Hour Podcast – Episode 17 (C64 Music With Ben Daglish)


We’re joined by legendary C64 musician Ben Daglish, of Last Ninja fame! Plus this week’s big retro stories….

Number 5 in iTunes Podcast Chart!


This weeks episode peaked at number 5 in the iTunes Tech podcast section. Thanks so much for your listening, liking and sharing we even beat that bloke from mythbusters!  

The Retro Hour Podcast – Episode 16 (Viva Amiga!)


We get the low down on the new full length movie about the Amiga, ‘Viva Amiga’ from its creator Zach Weddington. Plus, the top 5 tips for keeping your old systems running well, and this week’s retro stories….

The Retro Hour – Episode 15 (Leisure Suit Larry with Al Lowe)


We catch up with legendary Al Lowe to get the inside story on Leisure Suit Larry, those age verification questions and how Police Quest was inspired by a real life police shooting….